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Southern Hills Golf Tournament a Huge Success

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The Southern Hills Golf Tournament sponsored by Amy and Mike Clements was a huge success for the House of Hope. They had over 100 golfers that played, the Breeze radio station was there all day supporting the cause with raffles, door prizes, advertising and taking tons of pictures. We received a check for over $16,000 when it was said and done. The women from the shelter volunteered their day to help man the hole in ones and the registration tables and they had a great time. We cannot thank you enough for all of your support. The staff at Southern Hills is top notch! Can’t wait till next year.

We Got It

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We got the bathrooms completed and the City came in and gave us an occupancy certificate for up to 70 women! Now, on to the next projects the city is requiring. If you would like to donate to a great cause, we would really appreciate it! God Bless

Southern Hills Golf Tournament

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Southern Hills Golf Club is hosting our first annual golf tournament to raise money for the House of Hope. They are located at 568 East Wilkins Rd. Gladewater, TX 75647. It will be on July 22 starting at 1pm. Please give them a call and sign up to play!

Annual Donation Day Huge Success

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The Annual Donation day/5 year Anniversary/Grand opening of the Top Drawer Thrift store was a huge success. We had donations of food/drink/cookies and chips and we treated all donors with free hot dogs. We raised over $20,000 to go towards the building fund! Thank you to all volunteers who helped pull this off: Angels of Grace Creek (helped in Thrift store and at Donation tables and flagged down donors on Hwy 80), Mickey Couture and Lee Lester (grill masters), Katie Chute, Jean Hindman and Shay Caffey (organizers, painters, donation tables), Best Buy’s Robert Ayler and his Tag team (painted new building), Patrick Hindman (loaded donations into trucks) Margie Welty (stood on Hwy 80 with donation buckets) Amador Gonzalas and his daughter Star (helped paint new building) Woodie Terrell (helped in the Thrift store) and the Breeze radio station’s Jammin’ Jimmy Olson (free live remote for 2 hours to show support). God has a great plan for 2011 at the House of Hope. Don’t miss out, come get a volunteer application today and be a part of something amazing.

March 19th Huge day for Shelter

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March 19th, 2011 is going to be a special day, so come join the fun. We are celebrating our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY, THE GRAND OPENING OF THE TOP DRAWER THRIFT STORE, AND OUR ANNUAL DONATION DAY! All from 10am-2pm at 3011 W. Marshall Ave. Longview. So come out on Sat. March 19th. We will give out free hot dogs to anyone who makes a donation, we have coupons for the thrift store and the Breeze radio station will be doing a live broadcast from 10am-noon. Don’t miss the fun. Donations can be Monetary $$$, food, clothing or anything you could sell at a garage sale. Look for balloons and signs to direct you to donation drop sites by the shelter.

2010 Tax Act

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With the passage of 2010 Tax Act, Congress retroactively reinstated the ability to make direct qualified charitable distributions from your IRA, in amounts up to $100,000 by IRA owners who are at least age 70 1/2.

This provision expired at the end of 2009, but is once again available, retroactive to Jan.1 2010-Dec 31, 2011.

The provision allows the individual, age 70 1/2, and thus subject to Required Minimum Distributions, to make contributions directly from an IRA to a Qualified charity, in an amount of up to $100,000 per year.

This means that the IRA owner who doesn’t need his or her Required Minimum Distribution for income can direct the distribution to the charity of his or her choice. In addition, he or she will not have to recognize the distribution as income for determining Adjusted Gross Income or any modified AGI calculations!

Please consider House of Hope Emergency Shelter for Women this year for your Required Minimum Distribution. We are seeing God work miracles already in 2011. So glad you are a part!

Christmas Party 2010

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The Alpine Church of Christ hosted our annual event this year and it was so amazing. We had 46 women from the House of Hope come and enjoy the party. There was games, door prizes, drawings, entertainment, hilarious videos, so much food, fellowship, and more gifts than the girls could imagine from people from all over Longview. I didn’t get a final count, but we had over 110 people there for the event. Thank you all for participating in making this a fun memory for these ladies!

Mattress Drive was a Success

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The city allowed the first 20 women to return to the shelter on Monday October 18, 2010. But we had to throw out all mattresses and wooden bunk beds this summer due to bed bugs. We were able to salvage 11 metal bunkbeds, but we had no mattresses when these 20 ladies returned to the shelter. We made a plea to friends, family, churches and faithful supporters and we have a listing of the people who came to the rescue to help us get the mattresses for these women and (how many they purchased). Each mattress was $75.00.

Ben and Carmela Sapp (4) Sunshine Sunday School Class of Clarksville City Baptist Church (4) Carmela Davis CPA (2) Ingrid Houck (1) Joan Ward (1) Rusty Ivey (1) Bryan Benson (1) Virginia Pate (1) Mike McGuire (1) Holly Pearson Kirl (1) Debbie at Glitz Boutique (1) Melissa Smythe (1) Susan Coombs (1) Bobby Gosschalk (1) Chet Weigle (1) Gary Milam (1) Sharon Storie (1) Merry Gammel (1) Starla Benson & Gary Golf (1) Ann Hester (1). Since we bought 28 in bulk, Direct Furniture gave us (5) more as a love offering. That gives us 32 mattresses.

We are now starting our bunk bed drive if you would like to help. Each complete bed with two mattresses is $300 for the complete set. If you could contribute to this bed fund, when the restroom facility is completed, we will be ready for the 40 additional women the city said we can house. Just write “Bed drive” in memo line and make checks to House of Hope. We have already had several people buy a bunkbed. L.K. Knowles D.V.M (4), Dale Simpkins (1), Michelle Traylor (3) Greg Gee (3) Kathy Brown & Beverly Johnson (1) Stacie Rogers (1) . We thank you all!! We are almost there!!

Concert at Teague Park

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Sat. Oct 16 was a concert in the park event. Jessica Brown, Mandy Beeman and White Chocolate all performed at this charity event which helped the House of Hope raise $230.00. Raffle items were donated by Grace and Glory, Crafty Chick Designs, White Chocolate, Cuts Galore, Starbucks, Gifts of Grace, Louise Pertuit and Kim Hammons. The money will be used to purchase three new mattresses for the shelter.

Whataburger Car Show Fundraiser

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Whataburger of East Texas held a classic car show Thursday Oct. 7th at the Gilmer Rd. location to benefit the House of Hope Women’s Shelter. There was a great turn out and we have received over $1,100 so far with more to come from the sponsors. Thanks to Douglas Edwards of Whataburger, KYKX and the East Texas Radio Group, Peter’s Chevrolet, Yamaha Sportscenter and ABC Auto for your financial support and all of your help to make this event a success.