Mattress Drive was a Success

The city allowed the first 20 women to return to the shelter on Monday October 18, 2010. But we had to throw out all mattresses and wooden bunk beds this summer due to bed bugs. We were able to salvage 11 metal bunkbeds, but we had no mattresses when these 20 ladies returned to the shelter. We made a plea to friends, family, churches and faithful supporters and we have a listing of the people who came to the rescue to help us get the mattresses for these women and (how many they purchased). Each mattress was $75.00.

Ben and Carmela Sapp (4) Sunshine Sunday School Class of Clarksville City Baptist Church (4) Carmela Davis CPA (2) Ingrid Houck (1) Joan Ward (1) Rusty Ivey (1) Bryan Benson (1) Virginia Pate (1) Mike McGuire (1) Holly Pearson Kirl (1) Debbie at Glitz Boutique (1) Melissa Smythe (1) Susan Coombs (1) Bobby Gosschalk (1) Chet Weigle (1) Gary Milam (1) Sharon Storie (1) Merry Gammel (1) Starla Benson & Gary Golf (1) Ann Hester (1). Since we bought 28 in bulk, Direct Furniture gave us (5) more as a love offering. That gives us 32 mattresses.

We are now starting our bunk bed drive if you would like to help. Each complete bed with two mattresses is $300 for the complete set. If you could contribute to this bed fund, when the restroom facility is completed, we will be ready for the 40 additional women the city said we can house. Just write “Bed drive” in memo line and make checks to House of Hope. We have already had several people buy a bunkbed. L.K. Knowles D.V.M (4), Dale Simpkins (1), Michelle Traylor (3) Greg Gee (3) Kathy Brown & Beverly Johnson (1) Stacie Rogers (1) . We thank you all!! We are almost there!!